Hoe ging de zwangere vrouw naar het ziekenhuis?

Ze ging met het open baarvervoer. 

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ANYWAY. of course I have time for Tumblr. especially when I should be studying.

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So, “my” supermarket is somewhat inside the Fenerbahçe stadium and I keep on succeeding in doing my groceries whenever there is a match, surrounded by supporters who act like tourists who have never been inside a supermarket before. Today I was smart enough to do groceries during a national holiday. I keep on astonishing myself.

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Hmm.. I’ve been crazy active on here I see. Istanbul has been serving me well. Tumblr? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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I cannot wait for this month to be over. A severe broken heart does not go well with university obligations and preparations for my move to Istanbul.

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"I know when I was a kid I ate a beetle. I ate a beetle because I thought it was licorice."

Karl Pilkington in blue - requested by me.

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Got my nose pierced yesterday. Afterwards I checked online what other people thought of the pain they experienced… Pretty much everyone says it’s nothing. DEAR GOD IT HAS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I WAS IN THAT MUCH PAIN!!!!

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Day 217 - Spray (explored) by iminhull on Flickr.

Beit 3arabi (Old Style Arab Houses) Damascus, Syria